Who's out there? Who's out there?

Daniel G is a youth worker and human rights activist who is student in the last year of Social worker bachelor degree at Faculty of Philosophy and Social Political Sciences from Univeristy of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iași. He is interesed in civic associations and was involved in various national and international volunteer projects about social inclusion of people with disabilites and anti discrimination politics. He wants to invite you to Go to vote on May 26th because your voice must be heared!

Ioana Florescu

Ioana is a second year Political Science student living in Bucharest, always willing to lend a hand to those in need, be it in her hometown, or in civil society in general. Her interests are varied and range from activism (women empowerment and the LGBTQ community) to music and writing poetry. Given her current academic status, it only felt natural for her to join a cause she believes in: giving a voice to the youth through the power of voting on May26th.

Madalina Gavrila

Hi! I believe in people and I believe together we can make a great change! We’re all in this together and we need to take responsibility for our future. It’s our time to ‘adult’! This time is no fun and games...we MUST go out and Speak Up for Europe!

Mădălina Vintiloiu

Mădălina is passionate about diplomacy, travel and photography and also is a 3rd year European Studies student. She wants to share the things she has learned during seven years of working with young people. She collaborates with several NGOs and gets involved every time she thinks she can help because she knows that young people have potential to create a better world to live in. She invites you to get involved together to build a better future! Together we can be better!

Maria Parasca

Maria is a young professional with a broad experience in education and digital transformation. She has been involved in various cultural projects with a focus on romanian tourism, outdoor training programmes, formal and non-formal learning.She discovered her passion for innovation and digital solutions by working with multinational computer technology corporations for more than 3 years. Her main objective is to empower young communities to build a better society.

Maria-Monica Burlacu

Monica started her activity in civic life through the medium of academic debates, and has continued to get involved not only in the academic context, being an eminent student and valedictorian in the faculty of Political Science, but in many national and international projects that had always three elements in common: youth involvement, democracy and education.

Paula Lele

Paula is a true Gen Z: spontaneous and involved in many community projects for the students in her city. She cares a lot about climate changes and young people having good opportunities for volunteering. Perseverance, involvement, enthusiasm and many sleepless nights is how she defines her student life.

Richard Zuberecz

Richard is a young professional who has recently returned to Romania after finishing his bachelor degree in the United Kingdom. With a broad range of interests and experience in marketing and branding, he believes that there is a strong need to Speak Up about the importance of voting. Once realisation hit that not enough people understand the importance of voting, he has made it his mission to tell the story of the 26th of May!